Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New York New York it's a helluva town...

Those were the original lyrics, censored for the movies to "wonderful town". but I think it's both. Stayed with Christine Carroll of the Culinary Corps on Roosevelt Island and Courtney Knapp of Martha Stewart in Brooklyn (Prospect Park) and here's what all I did.

Thursday night:Ate super salty fishy Japanese raman, can't find the menu so I cannot tell you where, and the fancy desserts at Chikalicious.

Friday:Put up the Restaurant Restorative exhibit at the James Beard House and got ready for a party to which we were graciously invited by Jamie Tiampo of Seefood Media. Check out his beautiful photos. Big party. Lots of good wine from Italian Wine Merchants. Late night slice at Two Boots, Louisana inspired pizza. get it? 2 boots?

Saturday:Hit Queens for Taste of Jackson Heights, a food and film festival and my cheapest meal of the trip. indian, burmese, bbq and tarts
Grand Central Station for an Oyster Festival, Beer Bottle opening contest and overpriced but delicious Sidecar at the Cipriani Bar. So pretty there.
An art opening at Chelsea market where the vodka was not free, as promised. sigh. late night burgers at POP burger. very very good. make sure you get the shake. and fries.

Sunday: Took the train to Stone Barnes/ Blue Hill. Had the tasting menu even though it was not on the menu because I was at a table of foodies. Concord grape cocktails. Move over Welch's. Everything so perfectly seasonal and beautiful. late tomatoes, pork that melted in your mouth, a picked that morning soft boiled egg over just shelled beans, plum souffle and lots of other things I don't even remember. big blur of food and conversation and wine. big tour of the farm. big nap on the train back.

MondayMoved my exhibit from James Beard to French Culinary Institute where it is installed on 2nd floor until December. Then off to meeting at Google about stuff that hasn't happened but OMG their cafeteria. Raw food bar. Vegan and Vegetarian options. Lots. Everything organic. All the farms they get their food from are listed on a big board. Daily changing ceviche. Sustainably harvested seafood. But they had something for everyone. Can we say Chicken fried steak and fries? I ate a lot. A LOT. then I had gelato.

Took some time for me. Met a friend for coffee. Guggenheim.
Then SPEED NETWORKING at New York Women's Culinary Alliance event hosted at Hill Country BBQ. tasty. useful. I sure have a lot of business cards now. then it was late and I had to get back to Brooklyn. which is far.
in fact, that is my only complaint about NY. everything was far. and it took a helluva long time to get around to all the places I had to get to. but i guess that's what makes it a helluva town.