Friday, October 26, 2007

Building the Ultimate Southern Food Wiki

This is the goal - building the ultimate wiki about Southern food and drink. The infrastructure is set, so now we are asking you for your in-put. We don't want to hang this thing out there totally unpopulated, so we are asking you to help us. Please begin sending us your entries and let us add them for a few weeks, until we have a critical mass. That will also allow the internal organization to become more apparent.

Send us your information, your pictures, your ideas. Please. If you want to be part of monitoring and editing the wiki, let us know. If you are from a company that makes an iconic Southern food, i.e., Moon Pies, send us an entry that describes the history of your company. We would rather be overwhelmed with response than struggle to find entries. If you fancy yourself the expert on something - say funeral food in south Alabama - write about it.

Recipes have a place in this wiki. They will illustrate the text. Biographies of chefs, noted home cooks, writers and critics, product developers and restaurateurs all have a place. Don't hold back. This needs to be the most comprehensive and broadly defined place to find information about Southern food. In just a few weeks, with your help, we will be ready to say, "Ya'll come!"