Friday, July 27, 2007

Lots of Activity

I am very excited about our Culinary Roadshow tomorrow. Thanks to Pepper Brown and Stephen Clayton from Mathew Clayton Brown and the folks from Savvy Gourmet, all of us who have mystery items from kitchens and dining rooms of our parents and grand parents or have great garage sale finds, can have them identified. Not only will we be able to find out what these things are, but we can get at least an idea of their value.

I am looking forward to a room full of gadgets or pictures of interesting large, nonportable items, that will be like an anthropological experiment. And I can just imagine the conversations of those people standing in line. The stories that go with the items. I look forward to a day of meeting people and being amazed with the diversity of the kitchen.

It will be the place to be tomorrow. And I will be reporting on the oddities that we encounter on the kitchen expedition.