Wednesday, July 4, 2007

full time future

When I started dating my beau, Bill, I know that many of my friends breathed a sigh of relief that now, finally, I would have something else to talk about besides the food museum. And they were right, to a degree. Building an institution is a consuming, exhilerating task and they have heard every detail, and often been corraled into "volunteering" in a variety of ways to get exhibits up, facilitate meetings, proofread text, you name it, they've helped out. So it was with genuine enthusiasm that tonight, some of my good buddies all toasted my moving into a full time position with the museum starting next month. It is something I have been working toward since early 2004 and it not only gives me a tremendous sense of acomplishment, but also confims that the museum is growing stronger than ever. We are all truly on the road to success.