Wednesday, July 11, 2007

credit cards

I am wondering when I will be able to have a conversation and not mention the food museum. Never? Today I tried to have lunch with a friend who is moving away, and even though we talked about our boyfriends, we only did that at the end, at her insistance. Instead of sharing our lives, she shared technology tips, for both me and the museum. I have been considering making the leap into buying a blackberry, especially since I am planning all of these fundraisers across the country, and Bridget had lots of advice about them . Also, since the museum now needs to be able to take people's money on the spot at all of these dinners, we need to embrace wireless credit card machies. She directed me to the Market Umbrella, home of the Crescent City Farmer's Market, which has already done some of the research for us and I think we will bite the bullet soon and buy a machine and set up that system. Also, I think this weekend, I will tromp out to the Alltell store and see what they have to offer. I am not terribly excited about this next step, as I have been trying to make my life less consumed by my job, but maybe instead it will help me get a handle on all the tasks and give me more time. Time I can use, for example, to write this blog. And needing to get all of these tasks organized means there are an awful lot of them, which means things are rocking along with the museum, and maybe that is why I cannot quit talking about it.