Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NO Rum

Well, actually, there was plenty of rum at Celebration Distillation Corporation, where Old New Orleans Rum is made. You might know this beverage in some of its older incarnations including NO Rum and New Orleans Rum. But its newest moniker, post-Katrina, is Old New Orleans Rum. Though immediately after the storm there was concern they would not be able to re-open, they have returned and are thriving. That should not come as a suprise to anyone who has had the fortune to sample their tasty wares.

Last night I attended a party to promote some of their new rums, including a very spicy and not too sweet Creole Spice Rum. The attendees were mostly local bartenders, but relatives and friends of the employees were also welcome. I took a tour of the distillery with master distillers Gavin and Chris and then got to sample not only the new spiced rum, but also savor their new ginger rum served up in a great cocktail called a Gingeroo: rum mixed with freshly pressed ginger juice, sour and soda. Delicious!

My friend Monique (who is the sister of one of the employees) and I also had special access to the lab where we sampled some really outstanding and startlingly flavored rums. The strawberries steeped in Crystal rum was my favorite flavor, but I won't soon forget the extra spicy rum with 6 chile peppers in the bottle! Memorable, to say the least. I am hoping that the museum will be able to partner with Old New Orleans Rum in the near future and create a special tasting event for our members and others in the community. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I think I'll go have a nip of their aged Amber rum with a lime. To keep the scurvy away, of course...