Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bash in DC

That's me in civilian clothes. From left to right at Chefs Louis Osteen, Ann Cashion, Linton Hopkins, David Guas and Jeff Tunks at Acadiana. Photo by Glade Bilby © 2007.

The fundraiser in Washington, DC at Acadiana on Sunday, June 10 was so much fun. The chefs all outdid themselves, and this was after some of them had driven in with equipment and food from Pawleys Island, SC (Chef Louis Osteen from Louis at Pawleys Island) and Atlanta (Chef Linton Hopkins from Restaurant Eugene). Thanks are also due to Chef Jeff Buben from Vidalia, Chef Ann Cashion from Johnny's Half Shell, Chef David Guas from Acadiana, and most special thanks to the staff and owners of Acadiana, especially Chef Jeff Tunks.

The food was so good that it made me happy to have a stomach. I had gone prepared by wearing lose clothing. We had fried soft-shell crabs, barbeque on biscuits, fried oysters and crawfish, crab, pork belly and shrimp. It was fun. It was full of sparkling conversation.

So now as we plan these events - Invitations to the Southern Table - in other cities, we have a very high bar set. But you can look forward to events in Memphis, Natchez, Boca Raton, Nashville, Lafayette, Jackson, MS, and Dallas, just to name a few.