Friday, May 4, 2007

What Would Mary Frances Do?

I have been reading Poet of the Appetites, Joan Reardon's biography of M.F.K. Fisher, and have come to love the fact that Mary Frances did not write memoir, but wrote what she wanted to have been true. So I have decided to take the persona that she created at face value, and have asked myself the question, "What would Mary Frances do?", as I experience assorted events. Last night was one such event. I attended a wonderful dinner paired with various Abita beers. This event took place at Ralph's on the Park in New Orleans. This event was one that I attended solo and knew few people. I was there to just experience. It was wonderful.

I spent the evening learning about the brewing business in general from brewers and about the history of the business in New Orleans from long-time industry insiders. All of this great conversation was had while enjoying a well-conceived meal that paired with beer. As one person exclaimed, eating chocolate cake while drinking beer is a very liberating experience.

My favorite Abita beer is Abita Turbo Dog. I like the slightly bitter finish and depth of flavor. I liked that it wasn't served too cold to taste it. It was served with a grilled pork chop and the most wonderful smothered greens. The evening was absolutely delightful - good talk, good drinks, good eats. I think that I would have been happy eating a bowl of those greens with a glass of Turbo Dog, imagining myself being M.F.K. Fisher, balancing the day, not the meal.