Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Beginnings

It's hard to believe that just three years ago a small group began the process of establishing a museum - from scratch - to celebrate the food and drink of the South. We are doing it without a recipe. Today we have a growing institution which is looking at an exciting and interesting future.

Just last week there was a terrific event that brought us together around the table in New Orleans. Mannie Berk, President and founder of The Rare Wine Company, served us terrific Madeiras and wines, as we ate a lovely meal that was especially created for us. Mannie explained the significance of Madeira in American history and in the Southern states.

Events are being planned in Washington, DC (at Acadiana, Jeff Tunks terrific place) on June 10, and also in Lafayette, LA, Jackson, MS, Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA, Natchez, MS and also in Florida and Texas. I am looking forward to traveling around the South, meeting people and talking about SoFAB.

I am also excited that our Menu Project is growing by leaps and bounds. Readers can participate in this project by sending us menus from everywhere that you eat. Restaurants outside of the South, even outside of the US, which purport to serve Southern food also count for our collection. Just like Italian restaurants and Thai restaurants, Southern restaurants have made their way around the country and the world. We need their menus to document those travels.