Saturday, May 3, 2008

more iacp

IACP was such a full week and I think my favorite part was the great responses I received about our SOFAB Menu Project. Every group of people I talked to immediately started talking about the Cajun, Creole, Soul Food or other Southern restaurant in their neck of the woods. I learned there is even a Creole restaurant in Oslo, called Storyville. Over and over I met people who were excited about the museum and happy that they could offer something from their home to help us create our collection.

In particular, I met many people willing to help at the Chef Jam fundraiser. What a great night? Fantastic food from all of Emeril's restaurants and a demo from the man himself. Music from Harry Marrone, but also from a band put together of chefs, mostly from the Bethleham, PA area who all generously donated their time and talent to provide entertainment. Janet Cabot and Martha Torres worked so hard to ensure the event was successful and many people told me afterward that it was one of the best Culinary Trust events they had ever attended. It's so affirming to have people willing to work hard to help our museum get off the ground.

I am hopeful that many of the connections we made will lead to partnerships in the future. Who knows what can happen?!