Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet and Plentiful

We are being asked to speak about SoFAB now that our opening is imminent. June 7 is right around the corner and we are moving at warp speed. Recently I spoke about sugar at the Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, LA. Next week-end I will be moderating a panel at the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans.

In April Elizabeth will be traveling to Memphis to install Restaurant/Restorative and to party in Memphis. She'll also be going to New York to go to the Astor Center and Whole Foods. I'll be attending the Invitation to the Southern Table in Natchez at Twin Oaks.

We are also beginning to receive requests to have parties and receptions in the new SoFAB. Keep those requests coming. We want to share with everyone.

If you want to volunteer - become a docent, help in construction, work on exhibits, do anything - please let us know. In any case, join now! We'll see you in June!