Monday, December 3, 2007

Team SoFAB

We had our first meeting of "Team SoFAB". I can't believe I am actually using this expression. When I worked for the Hilton, there were all these signs in the back about "Team Hilton" and how "There's no "I" in "TEAM" and slogans like that. I scoffed. But now I know I scoffed because I wasn't on a team I cared about. And now? I'm on the team. We have exhibit designers, builders, graphic designers and others to come. Oh yeah, and me. I'm putting the content together. But really we are all building this. It will only work with lots of communication and everyone tapping into all their creativity and problem solving. And that of their significant others. And family. And friends. Yep, whether all these other people wish to be on the team, if they are in our lives for the next few months, they will all be on the team. Dragged into helping do whatever needs to be done. And you can help, too. I sent out a call in our newsletter for donations of artifacts, stories, photographs and anything else that can help our opening exhibits on Louisiana and Corn. Please feel free to contact me: if you can help.