Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Play with Your Food

During this holiday season SoFAB teamed with the Ogden Museum of Southern Art to offer a day of "gingerbread" house building. We decided to use graham crackers instead of sheets of gingerbread, icing as glue and as cement, and candy, sugar and other assorted sweets to adorn the buildings. Kate Barron, the education curator at the Ogden, and I anticipated that the architectural creations of the kids would be very much like houses. Little did we know how charmingly creative these kids would be. They built stables for horses, complete with horse patties (chocolate chips), a ship, and a warehouse.

The exercise was lots of fun for the adults, as well as the children. It has made me sure that we will have regular "Play with Your Food" programs at SoFAB when we open.