Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I just got back from Memphis. What generous, gracious town, especially the folks at The Inn at Hunt Phelan. Chef Stephen Hassinger and the whole staff fed and watered me so well. If you are visiting Memphis or lucky enough to live there, make sure to try the tasting menu at Hunt Phelan. My delicious meal was a sure sign that our dinner there next week will be scrumptious. I appeared on Live at 9, a popular morning show, then held a cookbook sale at the Cotton Museum, where I served red beans and hawked our reprint of Red Beans and Ricely Yours. About 40 folks showed up to chow and chat. Wight Boggs, who runs the Memphis Restaurant Association gave me lots of contacts to invite to our dinner and I finished the night at Mollie Fontaine's, Karen Carrier's newest venture (formerly the restaurant Cielo), a tapas lounge in Midtown (At least I think it's in Midtown. My Memphis geography is still a bit fuzzy). While there, I got to meet the Knipples, the family behind the Squirrel Squad, a blog about Memphis food. I also hung out with Melissa Peterson of Edible Memphis and her husband, Kjeld Peterson of Slow Food Memphis. Everyone I met was very excited about the museum and our Menu Project. I hope it is a successful evening.