Sunday, August 26, 2007

Culinary camp redux

As I sit here planning activities for the last week of camp, I looked through the pictures of 10 days worth of cooking with a group of kids aged from seven to nine. I continue to be amazed at their enthusiasm and interest. And not only do they get to make things, but they get to eat what they have made. Last week on bean day, we made lentil soup with carrots. We cut off the tops of the carrots and set them to sprout in water. Just so that everyone could keep track of his or her personal carrot, we made a little name flag on a toothpick, which we stuck into the flesh of the carrot. By Friday campers could take home carrots which had green feathers of leaves beginning to leaf out. We also soaked beans overnight to allow our beans to sprout. They were just emerging on Friday to go home with the campers.

Also during the week we visited the Homebase of Emeril Lagasse and had a tour of the test kitchen. We learned all about basil there. And on Friday we made pasta! We ate pasta with pesto to finish the week with yet another taste of basil. I look forward to this coming week. Who knows what we may discover?

Many thanks to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and to Aqua2Go.